I am a Writer

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It has taken me a long time to call myself a writer. For some reason I believed that title was designated for published authors or those who were further along on their writing journey. It wasn’t enough to simply write. At some point I told myself I had to achieve great success to be considered a “real” writer.

Years later I’m finally catching on. I am a writer. For me, these four little words hold so much power and possibility. Yet, because of my misguided belief I was afraid to say them or even allow the idea of calling myself a writer to settle in.

What the stories I told myself really meant was deep down I didn’t feel good enough. I kept telling myself if I wasn’t making money than I shouldn’t consider writing “real” work for myself.

Although I’ve been blessed with great support in my life and nobody ever told me or taught me to believe this, it was still a lie I made up on my own. Perhaps a little bit of self-sabotage with a dash of self-protection.

I no longer accept this as my truth. These days writing is not about making money or being considered a real profession. It’s about passion and purpose. The calling that gets me out of bed each morning. The dream that guides me to my desk each day.

In the past, whenever I had to disclose information about my job or anyone asked what I did for a living I’d hesitate and often fumble my words. If I did say that I was a writer it was always followed with some awkward disclaimer about not being published.

I also used up a lot of time and energy pursing little dreams and side hustles to go along with my writing, as if it wasn’t enough. In the end they didn’t offer any validation, but instead steered me away from the path I really wanted to be on.

Within the last year everything has changed and I continue to free myself from the lies I once told myself out fear and lack of confidence. All of this, along with the wonderful support from my husband and special friends in my writing groups, has helped me stop believing these old stories and begin believing in myself.

Recently, when getting new glasses, I wrote down writer as my profession and it felt really empowering to do so. The person helping me noticed, too, because they suggested special lenses for the work I do.

I am a writer. Because I believe this now, I can keep revising and rewriting all the stories I attempt to tell myself along the way.

We are enough and so are the dreams we hold. Instead of allowing our fear or the lies we tell ourselves to diminish what we hold in our hearts, lets listen to that early spark that made us want to pursue our dream in the first place.


 & magic,

Hello! I’m Jamie Burch…
Cottage dweller and writer with a passion for crafting
magical stories + books + tea + intentional living. ☾