I'm Jamie Burch...

the writer behind the magic ☾

A little more about me...

I am a collector of crystals & books, as well as vintage cameras, tea cups, and typewriters. Practical Magic is my favorite movie. For a long time I’ve felt a deep connection to the moon & trees and love being near water.

I find delight in reading books with magical elements and spirited main characters. As a writer I enjoy being inspired by magic & the creativity of others. I get many ideas from dreams and keep a journal near my bed.

I’ve lived in upstate New York all my life and last fall we moved into our magical cottage with a writing room that’s all my own. 


My Writing Journey

15 years ago my dreams of being a writer came to light. With this newfound spark of possibility I took a couple classes and read various books on writing. It was about this time that I also fell in love with YA fiction. 

I took more classes and read lots more books. Eventually I started a blog and connected with an amazing writing community. I wrote three books and sought publication for one, but thankfully it didn’t work out. 

Then I decided to venture down a couple different paths and met some more kindred spirits in the artist and spiritual communities.

Now I find myself back to my true passion, ready to make this writing thing happen. Currently I’m starting over with the second book I wrote and can’t wait to see what magic unfolds. 


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