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Welcome to the cottage!

It’s lovely to meet you and I’m so delighted you stopped by to visit. Be sure to get cozy and grab a cup of your favorite tea (mine’s Earl Grey) while you take a peek around.

My name is Jamie Burch. I’m from upstate NY where I live with my husband, two adorable cats (Jasper & Gypsy) and our beloved dog, Bear. I’m a cottage dweller and writer with a passion for crafting magical stories. I also love books, tea, crystals, and intentional living.

I’ve had many stops & starts on this creative path and along the way I’ve written three books, each unpublished, but I’m ready to change that.

Follow along as I rewrite my second book and work toward achieving my dream of becoming a published author.

A story filled with magic…

Many moons ago I finished writing my second book. Today I’m happy to be revisiting Caitryn’s story and can’t wait to share her magical journey. I’m excited for you to step
into the enchanting world of the Blackthorne witches. ☾




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